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Original Oil, Acrylic and Watercolour Paintings

For a larger detailed view, click on the images below 

PA-01: ‘The Boat House’ 

PA-02: ‘Widemouth Bay’

PA-03: ‘Ripoli in Tuscany’ 

PA-04: ’Tenby Harbour’

PA-05: ‘Night Approaching’ 

PA-06: ‘Bridge on the Avon’

PA-07: ‘House on a Bridge’

PA-08: ‘Laughing at the Waves’

PA-09: ‘Argentine Tango’

PA-10: ‘Drurridge Bay’

PA-11: ‘A Heavy Sea'

PA-012: ‘Rescue at Sea’

PA-013: ‘Abruzzo National Park’

PA-014: ‘Towards Arran’

PA-015: ‘Windmill in Norfolk’

PA-016: ‘The Stratford Canal’

PA-017: ‘Sunflowers’

PA-018: ‘Birch Trees

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