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Download Policy

Works of art and books cannot be downloaded or copied without the express permission of the artist, Richard FA White. Neither can any of the products available for sale on this site be distributed, mutilated or modified in any way that would prejudice the reputation of the Artist. The only exception is when anyone wishes to download a particular image for educational or research purposes. In this case, please contact Richard FA White. Copyright and other intellectual property rights are reserved and will be defended rigorously should there be instances of abuse.

Refund Policy

Should a customer make a justified complaint about any of the artworks received, I will authorise a full refund. However, please note: I do not offer a refund if the reason is simply a change of mind. Justifiable reasons for a refund or replacement includes:

  1. The artwork received is not the one ordered on-site.

  2. The size is incorrect and does not match what is stated on-site.

  3. Damage to the artwork that is not attributable to the couriers. (Evidence to be provided by photographs).

  4. Loss of the artwork claimed through the courier's transit insurance. 

  5. Discouring or fading of a print within 12 months of purchase.

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