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The Latest News & Forthcoming Events from Richard FA White

Big Summer Sale & New Additions Including Framing options

July 15th 2024
Sailing in a rough sea framed 01.jpg

EXCITING TIMES!!!... Many of my paintings and prints have been reduced in price with some as low as 50%. Now is the time to take advantage of seasonal sales and stock clearance. I'm also pleased to announce that many of the extensive range of pictures now come with framing options. More will be added in the coming weeks.  

COMMISSIONS!... I'm excited about a new service. If you have a favourite photograph (new or old) or any image you'd like to see as a painting or a unique creative print, please let me know. I also repair damaged pictures. Charges are very reasonable and you are guaranteed a friendly professional service.  

NOTE: It's also worth re-stating that 25% of all sales will be donated to help hard-pressed volunteers working for the 'Voices of Children' charitable organisation based in Kyiv, Ukraine. The horrendous fallout from Putin's insane war means that well over three million children have been displaced and over 2000 have been killed or injured. Please do what you can to help.

Updated Front Page & Charity Donations

April 27th 2024
Updated Front Page.jpg

More importantly, I have increased my commitment to the charitable organisation 'Voices of Children' in Ukraine by donating 25% of all sales to the charity. I understand that we face hard times right now but if possible, please help me support the volunteers who give up their time to bring comfort to thousands of traumatised children. I am fully prepared to slash profits by selling my art so that the organisation based in Kyiv can continue with their valuable work. All customers will receive a thank you email and be updated. In addition, this link 'Voices of Children' will take you to their latest news page and if you prefer, an encrypted facility to donate directly.  

After careful thought, I have added a few improvements to my ART&BOOKS website. Changes include a re-designed logo and home page. You will also find there are more frame options after choosing your picture in the shops.

March 4th 2024

Limited Edition Prints & Paintings Added for 2024 

After some time in preparation, I'm proud to announce that my website ART&BOOKS is complete and features all my latest works of art and published books. Below you can see the latest animal prints that are proving to be popular. They have been produced from either my paintings, photographs or license-free images. I then introduce digital painting techniques and limited use of Ai in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom as well as other imaging apps.

Shown here is a portrait of a twenty-year-old refugee Ukrainian living in the UK. She is holding back tears of joy and happiness after receiving a red rose from her boyfriend, a volunteer helping displaced children back in her homeland. I used a photograph with permission as a reference before developing it further using digital and Ai tools. This enabled me to add unique paint textures. It is available for sale as a Limited Edition Fine Art Print. 

Animal prints quick pic.jpg
Girl with rose Portrait LR.jpg

March 2nd 2024
2024 Spring SALE of Prints and Paintings

Following on from the successful launch of my new online website in 2023, I'm pleased to announce there will be a sale of limited edition prints and original paintings starting on April 20th 2024. Many artworks have been reduced by as much as 50% with some offering size options as well as a selection of frames. The galleries and shops will be updated throughout 2024 with many more pictures due to be added to suit every taste. 

Note for Collectors; For anyone who has already purchased one or more works of art, please enquire about further generous discounts and offers if you want to add more to your collection. 


February 26th 2024
THE SECRETS OUT!..How Do I Create My Work?


'I guess the thought of covering a canvas, board or paper with paint is not everyone's idea of fun! For many, it can be messy, frustrating and disappointing. However, the good news is that it can also prove to be therapeutic, relaxing and fulfilling so long as there is a curious creative mind willing to give it a try. I've taught many people how to develop excellent skills that may not turn them into a Turner or Picasso, but they soon discover a very satisfying hobby. 


For me, painting is something I've enjoyed for over 50 years. It drives me to experiment beyond the traditional ways of using different media. Many of my paintings start as acrylic or watercolour underpainting before applying oil paint and glazes. I also prefer to work quickly with big brushes, palette knives and my fingers in quite a wild way. This stops me from being too fiddly and overworked but inevitably leaves me very messy.


I'm often asked if I use digital software (apps) including ai when producing prints and the answer is yes! I use anything and everything to create a final image. I don't think there should be any restrictions to achieving what my imagination dictates. However, there are strict boundaries, particularly when using Ai and generative fill technology purely on their own. They are not automatic creators of good art. Nevertheless, they present an opportunity to add exciting layers such as textures and special effects in the build-up. I bring them all together using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom for most of the transitions before printing. It all starts with my paintings, photographs or licence-free images as references. 


Many traditionalists baulk at the thought of digital, particularly AI. To set the record straight, I do not condone the unsolicited use of someone else's work in any creative process.

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