Workshops & Lessons - Course Contents and schedules for 2020

Note: If you wish to book a place on any of the workshops or request more information, including single lessons to suit your availability, please click the above button and you will be taken to our enquiries form.



Coffee/tea/softdrinks & light bites are available during the sessions but main meals and equipment are not provided.


Equipment and Materials: We ask that you bring your own photo equipment to the courses. It matters not one jot if you have a top of the range DSLR, bridge or a smaller, older compact camera. Should you need to purchase photographic equipment, Richard will be able to advise you on suitable purchases and can arrange discounts from certain manufacturers. 


The studio here in Longhope carries a limited stock of photographic equipment for emergencies only should you need them during the course although a small insurance payment (£5.00) will be required. If you are having trouble deciding what to get, or don't know what you need, please email Richard for advice and information.


We reserve the right to change the course contents should circumstances beyond our control dictate such changes. eg inclement weather or illness. Whatever the circumstances, we shall always do our best to work towards giving full value for money and an enjoyable relaxing and fun experience.



DPB: Digital Photography - Beginners

(6x3hr weekly lessons - £160.00

  • Getting to grips with your camera and equipment. How to remain stable. Landscape or portrait format. Using the viewfinder. Exposure & focus controls. Basic Flash photography

  • Understanding the cameras knobs and dials - program, aperture, shutter and manual modes. 

  • ​How to see beyond simply looking; composition and balance; rule of thirds.

  • Depth of field using wide open apertures with standard and telephoto lenses.

  • Wide, standard and telephoto lenses.

  • Shutter speed control for fast moving objects.

  • Using digital images on a computer. ​Basic understanding of Adobe Photoshop & Elements

  • Time out in the locality - landscapes, villages, forest etc (depending on weather). 

  • Critiques and Computer work for looking at the day's results and homework. 

DPI: Digital Photography - Intermediate

(6x3hr weekly sessions - £180.00

  • Handling your camera and equipment like a pro. Better preparation and planning. How to compose...Should I go with landscape or portrait format? Using the viewfinder for better results.

  • Advanced aperture (Depth of field), shutter and manual controls. Pushing ISO speeds.

  • ​How to see beyond the ordinary. Choosing images that define the right moment. Flash or daylight

  • Slow shutter speeds with moving water. Neutral Density and Graduated filters.

  • More from telephoto, standard and wide angle lenses. Macro photography. 

  • Photographing fast moving subjects; Using a motordrive.

  • ​Understanding of Adobe Photoshop. Enhancing drama, softness, cropping, layers, montages

  • Time out in the locality to cover events, reportage, news, currernt affairs and street scenes  

  • Critiques; Looking at the day's results and homework. 

GCW: Producing and Printing Greeting Cards

(6x3hr weekly sessions - £185.00

  • Selecting and processing your images using popular imaging software. Trips out to photograph scenes and objects or use your own, or use our photo library.

  • Each workshop will carry different themes eg. Architecture, Rivers & lakes, Animals, Birds, Flowers, Old forest Industries, Woodland. 

  • Using Adobe Lightroom for collections and Photoshop or similar to prepare for printing.

  • Choosing suitable media; Glossy, matt, textured or smooth. (we supply ink/paper up to a max of £15)

  • Text, graphics and messages.

  • Sending the right information to the printer. Finding and integrating the correct colour profiles.

  • Presentation and tips ready for commercial sales.



Digi-Photography Single Sessions - Beginners & Enthusiasts (3 hrs in the studio or trip out) - £40.00

  • Beginners - Basic camera and lens control. getting the best out of your camera! Understanding composition and selectivity. 

  • Enthusiasts - Advanced camera controls. Perfect preparation Looking for and capturing those special shots. 


Commencement dates 2017: Any convenient day and time by mutual arrangement.