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The Almost War is an intriguing alternate history novel that explores the possibility of a Soviet invasion of Western Europe after World War II. This gripping page-turner imagines what could have happened if Stalin's Russia had tried to extend its borders and Communist administration. The story takes readers on a thrilling journey as deadly toxins capable of destroying entire cities are used as a weapon of war. With its gripping plot and intricate details, this book is perfect for history buffs and fans of political thrillers.

The Almost War

SKU: BK-04

Genre: Historical Fiction, Cold War Thriller, Wartime drama, Romance, Humour, Literary Fiction, History.

Keywords: Girisun Island, Black Sea, Turkey, Russia, Cold War, Jonny Munroe, Toxins, Communism, MI6, Espionage, Stalin, Churchill, Attlee Germany, CIA, SAS, Commando  

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