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"In the studio, the photographer is in control. Out there on the streets, you rely more on experience, good luck and instincts"...RW

There is one photographer who I particularly admire...Steve McCurry the American photojournalist best known for his photograph 'Afghan Girl' which originally appeared in National Geographic magazine. Steve's images, particularly his portaits, often shot in arduous situations, have all the emotional elements that demand attention.....time and time again! 


With my own portrait photography, I also try to go deeper below the surface and define character as well as emotions...this is an instinctive reaction. For me, there is far more beauty around us in the world than the media sometimes portrays. Much of this beauty shines out of people. All it needs is observation, patience and curiosity.  


Another photographer that has inspired me over the years is Don McCullin, the well known war photo journalist. For me, his work in Biafra, the Middle East and Vietnam was a life changer. Like Robert Capa before him, on the beaches of Normandy in World War II, here was a photographer who wasn't afraid to show the world how it really was. And yet, the remarkable thing is that despite great personal danger, he managed to find truly powerful images that may help trigger the quest for ending conflict.


​Please contact me if you would like to have photographs of family groups, portraits or special occasions such as anniversaries, christenings, birthdays or graduations. I also take photos of pets, so long as they don't try to eat me!


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Email:   Tel: 07850 105239

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