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The RWC Gallery of Photo-Art and Fine Art Prints

'Photography is more than a medium for factual communication, it is a creative art'...Ansel Adams.

The above quote, from one of the pioneers of creative photo-Art, really sets the scene for the exciting photo digital revolution that has taken place over the past 40 years; Not so much with cameras which are simply much the same as they have always been, except for a different internal technology, but the migration from darkrooms to the computer along with imaging software such as Adobe Photoshop.

The images shown in this gallery start out as original photographs. They have all been subjected to various degrees of creative enhancements using a variety of digital tools and computer imaging software to create a 'painterly' effect. I believe passionately in the use of computerised techniques to further enhance and develop suitable photographs into images that reflect unique beauty or visual poetry, generating different and profound emotional responses. However, whilst I acknowledge that traditional photography is still a very important and a powerful medium, often showcased by immensely talented photographers, I will always steadfastly maintain that photography, art and creative imagination through new technology, has become so much more exciting than at any time in the past. In the final analysis, it is not important how an image is created, if it pleases the viewer and reflects the artist's interest as well as triggering a reaction, whether emotional or otherwise. 


Please take a look around this photo-art gallery. If you like any of the images and would like to make a purchase, you can click it to see a larger version before contacting us for purchasing details. All prints are signed and despatched using strong protective packaging and reliable international couriers.

Email:   Tel: 07850 105239

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