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The Photographer


In 1977, whilst working as a graphic and exhibition stand designer in London, I was asked by a freelance photographer friend at the time, to help him cover what he described as "an interesting little job" in Willesdon, North London. Neither of us could have imagined we were about to witness a clash between trade unionists and the Metropolitan Police's SPG (Special Patrol Group) outside the Grunwick film processing laboratories. Anxious and unprepared with a borrowed and battered Nikon F2, I managed to capture a few shots that came to the attention of a sub-editor in one of the news divisions of the Daily Mail

From that moment on, despite holding down a full time job, I was hooked. During the next 15 years or so, I worked for various agencies such as Agence France Presse and Reuters as a nomadic freelancer (often labelled a 'photo-mercenary' in the days before the word paparazzi became popular).


Working as a 'street photographer' and current affairs news photo-journalist took me to Europe, Africa and the Middle East during the turbulent 70s. As one might imagine, some of these places were not promoted in glossy holiday brochures. Work in the field relied on couriers to relay 

images back to base long before WiFi. It was often risky work which left lasting impressions.


However, despite all this, I'm still 'hooked' and still a loyal Nikon fan. More importantly, I'm more enthusiastic about creating beautiful images and use every opportunity to photograph people, lifestyles, weddings, town life, nature and events. I hope this comes across on this website's pages and that you also find the various examples of my work enjoyable.

In the last 20 years, the digital revolution has massively influenced photography. After years with 'low tech' roll film and contact prints, I embraced the new technology with open arms to the point where I sold all my faithful roll film bodies, some of my prime lenses and various other gear. In came the new kids on the block...Nikon digital cameras that made life in the field or studio so much easier.

The Artist


I can trace my love of oil and watercolour painting to when as a youngster, I watched my talented father create astonishing  masterpieces. He encouraged me to paint and after years of frustrating practice, later during snatched moments whilst earning a living, I realised it was possible to achieve success.


I was also very lucky to attend Liverpool College of Art during the late 1960s where the 'Liverpool Scene' with its music, artists, and cultural uniqueness quickly became part of a personal creative journey. Here the foundations of a future in graphics, fine art and photography in particular were laid down. 


I'm quite often described as an artist who favours 'realism'. For a photographer, that is understandable. However, as I get older, the realistic factor has become less important having developed a more 'impressionist' style in the last 15 years. This is achieved mainly with vigorous brush strokes, often using an acrylic base under oil paint. Landscapes, coastal scenes or portraits are now said to be uninhibited and passionate, loaded with texture and emotions straight from the soul. 


The Tutor


Working as a photographer, designer and 

artist for over 40 years has provided me with creative freedom and fulfilment. I have also lectured in digital photography at Stratford upon Avon College. 


Avoiding a 'retired' label, I am still able to use my experience and knowledge to help others. Surrounded by stunning countryside, I can offer creative tutorials and workshop. Judging by the high number of people who keep returning, digital photography and art classes are in high demand. The classes and single lessons run at certain times of the year and are easy, fun, and motivational.


Besides, what can be more enjoyable than taking time out in the amazing Wiltshire countryside whilst capturing amazing rural backdrops? 

The Picture Framer (ART-iFRAME)


Over 25 years ago, my brother laid down the foundations for a respected bespoke and commercial framing business. In 2009, after a successful framing course in Birmingham, I tried my hand at picture framing in Stratford upon Avon albeit on a very small scale. This proved to be very successful and led to a new name with 'ART-iFRAME' offering a fully equipped framing and picture restoration workshop.


Richard White Creative (RWC)


RWC, situated in the pretty village of Yatton Keynell in Wiltshire, provides a number of creative services including art and photography classes, bespoke picture framing and greeting cards. I can also offer wedding, family and event photography.

Email:   Tel: 07850 105239

All images protected by copyright. Site created by Richard White & WIX 

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