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Artist & Author Richard FA White Invites you to step into his creative world 

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Click on the quick access Prints and Paintings images above. Or select from the Galleries in the menu bar to see an extensive range of high-quality artwork that can dramatically transform the walls of your home or office. Several size and frame options are also available in the shops.  

Richard FA White with Palette Knife
The artist at work en Plein Aire
Example of a Richard FA White painting hanging above a dining table
Another 0f Richard's paintings hanging above a fireplace
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Relax With A Good Book

What can be better than some 'me-only time', relaxing with a good book and a glass or two of excellent wine? Click the Books image above or 'Bookstore' in the menu bar to see my published fictional and biographical novels.
Relaxing and catching a few rays

About Richard FA White

For more than 50 years, I have experimented with many creative ideas including occasional outrageous projects. Some turned out to be crazy indulgences that failed miserably, whilst others were acquired by collectors, particularly in the last 15 years. The ones I care to showcase here are my paintings, prints, digital art, photographs and, several published books.

I started my creative adventures in 1973 with a friend, both working as freelance photographers for the Mirror Group, (yes, it wasn't the best plan working for Robert Maxwell!!). Within a few months and whilst holding down more reliable graphic design jobs, I worked part-time for press agencies including Reuters and Agence France Presse covering some assignments overseas. These took me to troubled countries and events that shaped my future decisions. With a young family on the way, it was high time to take stock and earn a living in a proper job as a graphic designer, artist, and publisher of a new magazine dedicated to the sport of archery. Since 2001, following a family tragedy, I eventually took on life's challenges as a full-time artist and author where creative opportunities overcame loss and uncertainty in today's turbulent world.   

Just in case any one or more of my outstanding and highly acclaimed creative gems manages to find some appeal amongst devotees and collectors of fine art, as well as readers of good books, your purchase(s) will be most gratefully received. I'm happy to announce that 25% of each sale will be donated to help the 'Voices of Children' charitable organisation in Ukraine. Buyers will also receive a note expressing my gratitude. It will also enable me to prolong my passion for creative work for which I will be forever indebted. Thank you...Richard FA White

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